Jim Carrey reacts by posting suicidal letter of his ex-girlfriend


Los Angeles, United States
a few weeks ago was a supposed letter that would have left his ex – girlfriend Cathriona White Jim Carrey before taking his own life a few days have ended their relationship with the famous comedian public.

Carrey was upset by the disclosure of the contents of the intimate letter, in which his ex told him: “I spent three days now without believing you’re not here. I can be with a broken heart and try to put the pieces together again. ”

“It could, just that I do not have the will this time. Sorry you felt that I was not for you. I tried to give my best part, “White wrote.

The famous comedian spoke and said he knew that since he devoted his life to an actor would be public but never imagined that his immediate family would be involved.

Carrey’s statement was:

“When it comes to Hollywood to be a comedian, I learned quickly that all the details of my private life would be delivered to the media as well as coupons for free dinners.

I never expected the people I love most in the world, would also be part of the menu. What a pity.

Unfortunately, Jim Carrey “

Carrey’s ex-girlfriend committed suicide, according to autopsy revealed the girl had taken several painkillers that are supposed belonged to the actor.