Public defenders will attend the five narcopolice in the US


    The five former police Hondurans who surrendered voluntarily Monday US justice should exercise their right of public defense against the offenses complained of by the prosecution Southern District of New York , United States.

    So relieved full credit to sources HERALD after exagentes Hondurans were transferred to US soil to answer for crimes of drug trafficking .

    Before leaving the country, former members of the police said they did not have sufficient financial resources to hire the services of a private defense in the north country.

    After several days of negotiations to coordinate the issuance of safe conduct to allow them to enter the United States, the defendants decided to surrender to theAgency Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA, for its acronym in English), with which they concluded starting from the basis Enrique Soto Cano in Palmerola , in Comayagua.

    Exagentes police who arrived at 6:00 am on Monday to the airbase to surrender to US justice are the Deputy Commissioners Mario Guillermo Mejia Vargasand Carlos José Zavala , Commissioner Victor Oswaldo Lopez Flores , Deputy Commissioner Jorge Alfredo Cruz and inspector Juan Manuel Avila Meza . It was not until 10:27 am that the five identified boarded an aircraft with registration number N-472JL that took them to New York, to begin the legal process.

    The delivery of the former police occurred before the Supreme Court defined the extradition requests submitted by the United States against it .

    A sixth officer accused by the United States, by the name of Ludwig Criss Zelaya Romero , refused to surrender to the US justice system and it is presumed that in recent days have left the country.

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    Six police exagentes, the prosecutor in New York, Preet Bharara, presented theircharges for the alleged crime of conspiracy to smuggle cocaine to the United States , with the help of Fabio Lobo, son of former President of the Republic, Porfirio Lobo, who is He is waiting to be sentenced after pleading guilty to the same crime in May.

    New York prosecutors pointed them to collect 1.8 million dollars with Lobo, to facilitate the logistics that would move a drug shipment.

    It was also learned that one of the officers is being accused of arms trafficking and related crimes.

    The delivery of the five former police members was confirmed by the US ambassador in Honduras, James Nealon , who expressed in social networks: “The voluntary surrender today (yesterday) five police officers charged with trafficking drugs is another blow to impunity in Honduras. “

    In a second publication diplomat he said there is an “excellent cooperation between Honduras and the United States.”

    In the last hours, a source close to the accused source told the Herald that troops who voluntarily surrendered to avoid the extradition process would be revealing the criminal structure that works in the National Police.

    “They are well documented and are willing to provide valuable information such as the names of the agents and officers who make up the criminal structure that works within the police institution,” said the source.

    On June 30 the US government appointed 6 agents for conspiring to smuggle cocaine into that country.