South Sudan says arms embargo undermines sovereignty

    United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

    South Sudan has expressed dismay over a call by the UN Secretary-General, Mr Ban Ki-moon, for an arms embargo on the young nation.

    South Sudanese ambassador to Kenya Mr Chol Mawut Ajonga, said the intention behind the campaign was questionable.

    He said the move risked undermining the South Sudanese sovereignty.

    National army

    “What is the reason for these sanctions? Do they want our national army to carry only sticks?” Mr Ajonga was quoted by the media asking.

    Mr Ban called on the UN to consider sanctioning South Sudan for the breakdown of peace.

    Despite the declaration of a ceasefire on Monday after four days of fighting, foreign envoys in South Sudan remain doubtful and were facilitating the evacuation of their compatriots from the war-torn country.

    The fighting

    The US has dispatched a group of security personnel to protect the embassy in Juba and facilitate the evacuation of Americans.

    Thousands of South Sudanese citizens in the capital Juba have been displaced.

    More than 1,000 fighters from both sides have been reported killed in the fighting between President Salva Kiir and the first Vice-President, Dr Riek Machar loyalists.

    The two leaders are facing mounting pressure from the global community to stop the use of armed force in addressing their grievances.